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Ornithoptera croesus Endemic Butterfly From Bacan Islands and Its Life Cycle
Abdu- - Masúd

Last modified: 2020-11-20


Ornithoptera croesus butterflies have developed a life cycle known as metamorphosis.This research has been done from  July  to October  2018. The research goal was to know thelife cycle of Ornithoptera croesus endemic  butterflies  on Mussaenda  and Asoka as a host plant, by using exploration method, starting from egg until imago. The eggs were collected from  Mussaenda and asoka plantation, in Bacan island, and kept into the Laboratory of  Biology at Faculty of  Teacher Training and Educatuion Khairun University for further observation. The result shown that there weretwo species that put their eggs on Mussaenda  and Asoka ’s leaf as a host plant, they were  Ornithoptera croesus. Life cycle of  Ornithoptera croesus was 28-32 days; 3 days for stage of egg, 14-16 days for larvae stage, 1 day for prepupae, and 9-11 days fot pupae stage.



life cycle, butterfly, hostplant, Ornithopteracroesus