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DNA Barcode of Black Capped White Eye Zosterops atricapilla (Aves: Zosteropidae) From Bengkulu Indonesia Based on Mitochondrial DNA COI Gene
Ahmat Fakhri Utama

Last modified: 2020-11-20


The study aims to look the genetic character of Black-capped white-eye (Zosterops articapilla) using the mtDNA COI gene. Blood sample was collected from bird market in Bengkulu city and its DNA genome isolation and purification following the Protocols of Dneasy® Blood and Tissue Kit Cat no 69504 (50) based on the procedure of Spin-Column Protocol, Qiagen. We used polymerase chain reaction machine for amplification DNA template with specific primer (ZCOIF and ZCOIR). The results showed that there are nucleotide variations on five individual Black-capped white-eye with the COI gene sequence length 750 bp. We found of conservative site (C) is 743 sites, variations (V) seven sites, parsimony (Pi) four sites, singleton (S) three sites, and nucleotide base pairs of Zosterops atricapilla to adenine and thymine (AT) 55.9% and guanine and cytosine (GC) 44.1%. Fifth individual of Black-capped white-eye are separated with average intraspecies genetic distance 0.4%, while its interspecific genetic distance is 3.47% and with the outgroup 12.1%. We think, these COI gene sequence very important to quick identification and could be used as a forensic tool in preventing its trafficking.


Cytochrome Oxidase I, Zosterops atricapilla, mtDNA, illegal trafficking