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Vaginal smear and neutrophil count as an alternative method for oestrus stage in female tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae, Pocock, 1929)
Genoveva Kiranaputri, Luthfiralda Sjahfirdi, Ligaya Ita Tumbelaka

Last modified: 2020-11-20


Detection oestrus stage is essential for basic reproductive aspects in all animal. Both natural mating and assisted reproductive techniques require oestrus detection for breeding program which will assist to maintain tiger population in captivity. This research aims to explore alternative methods for tiger conservation in the remote area. Vaginal smear and neutrophil count were used to determine the stage of oestrus cycle and it easily applied on the field. Vaginal smear and blood smears were collected twice within interval 6 months on a female tiger at Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation Rescue Centre. Tiger was restrained mechanically, blood samples were collected from coccygeal vein then vaginal smears were collected intravaginal. All procedure followed the animal welfare protocol. Vaginal smears were stained by Giemsa 10%. Basal/parabasal, intermediate, and superficial/cornified cells were identified to determine the reproductive stage under the microscope. Blood smears were stained by Giemsa-Wright. Neutrophils were counted within 200 white blood cells count under the microscope. This result showed that the female tiger was on follicular phase and neutrophil count was 78 at 1st sample collection. Second sample collection resulted on luteal phase and 55 neutrophil count. This research suggests vaginal smear and neutrophil count can be used as an alternative method on a tiger oestrus stage detection. In addition, these methods have economical and practical value.


vaginal smears, neutrophil count, tiger, oestrus, semi ex-xitu